about leadership transitions
"I'm not saying that transition management is easy – just that it is essential."
William Bridges

When the executive director steps down, the board has to step up...
Tim Wolfred

The Leadership Transitions team of Transition Consultants and Interim EDs is dedicated to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations before, during, and after a leadership change.

We have extensive experience as nonprofit and for-profit executives, leaders and consultants. We share a common belief in the extraordinary role nonprofit organizations play in every community and we hold strong convictions about the value and purpose of responsible philanthropy.

We understand the strengths and the vulnerabilities of the nonprofit sector and design our approach to help board members take advantage of new opportunities, protect the investment of funders, and put an executive in place that can take the organization to a new level of performance.
To our clients, we pledge:
• To add value and capacity to your organization

• To build a well-defined and connected board/management leadership team

• To help the organization determine a clear direction and set well-defined priorities

• To lower the anxiety and stress of transition

• To design cost-effective, ETM services that fit the culture of your organization.
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