phase three – a new beginning

This study quantifies the staff retention challenges of Bay Area nonprofits and investigates which nonprofit employees are leaving and where they are going.
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The final phase of the transition focuses on getting the new executive off to a good start and completing the emotional transition that started with a good ending.

In Phase Three, the new leader is introduced and welcomed both to the organization and to the community in which he or she will serve. Performance goals are set and three-month and six-month work plans are agreed upon, giving high priority to the shifting roles and relationship building that are so important in the initial 60–90 day period. The work plans include key support contacts for the new executive as well as an evaluation process.

Long-term goals such as an executive development plan and target dates for revisiting the organization’s strategic direction are agreed upon with the board.

Four steps can be taken to support the continuing emotional transition.
First, the purpose for organizational changes is spelled out clearly for everyone in the nonprofit. It is difficult to buy into new ways of doing things if the rationale is not clear.

Second, a mental picture of how the new environment is going to personally affect each staff member is developed. Are jobs going to be changing? Who are they going to be working with? What is the organization going to look like in a month, or two, or three?

Third, a detailed plan is developed that specifies when and how people will receive the information, training and support they need to complete the transition to a new environment. The plan deals with individual roles and responsibilities, rather than the staff as a whole.

Finally, each person is given a part to play in the transition process, whether on the planning task force, as part of a focus group, or on the transition monitoring team. Tangible participation is key to a successful completion of the transition process.
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