phase one – a good ending

"The failure to identify and be ready for the endings and losses that change produces is the largest single problem that organizations in transition encounter."
William Bridges
Both leadership change and leadership transition start with a good ending. Regardless of the circumstances, a leadership change will cause feelings of loss and the emotional need to let go of things the way they were. It is important for the organization to recognize the accomplishments of the departing executive, identify losses openly and sensitively, and define what is over and what is not.

There are also operational questions that need to be addressed to make sure the nonprofit continues to serve the needs of its clients. Short-term decisions are made about who is responsible for each function. If the organization is not ready to search for a permanent executive, an interim manager is hired.

This is also a time to begin honestly assessing the priorities and health of the organization, including an acknowledgement of the skills of the departing executive and an understanding of the abilities that have been lost.

If the departing executive is going to have a continuing role with the organization, that role needs to be defined in Phase One.
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